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Star Navigation - Our Company Vision

Our Vision

Star Navigation designs products for the aviation industry. Our technology is leading the industry in new directions.

We are focused on aviation innovation addressing a wide array of industry needs; from commercial aviation and shipping, to military operations and search / rescue.

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Star Navigation - Our Company Technology

Our Technology

Our products and services are based on patented technology.

Through advanced technology we are shaping the future of aviation and defining air travel safety at a new level.

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Star Navigation - Our Company Products

Our Products

Our products address a variety of needs from fuel managementto aircraft operational efficiency.

This leads to the provision of real world benefits to business and consumers worldwide.

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Star Navigation - Our Company Business

Our Business

Star Navigation is a successful and growing technology corporation.

We operate under a resilient business model with a visionary management and leadership.

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Star Navigation Highlights - Airborne Data Services

Airborne Data Service

Airborne Data Service is an on-board flight monitoring and analysis system that provides a virtual window into an aircraft. It is a commercial, air-to-ground communication system... Read more

Star Navigation Highlights - Star-isms


Star Navigations In-Flight Safety Monitoring system was developed to improve flight safety and to provide automation for many aspect of airline operations...Read more

Star Navigation Highlights - Airborne Data Services

Fuel Reduction Through Flight Managagement

Star Navigations sophisticated flight operations monitoring can provide fuel consumption reduction resulting in direct savings on operational expense... Read more

Star Navigation Highlights - Quality Requirements For Suppliers

Quality Requirements For Suppliers

AS9100-Rev C ISO 9001 Certified Supplier QMSM-002 NC Quality Requirements For Suppliers...
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Star Navigation Highlights - Air Travel Efficiency

Air Travel Efficiency

New technology with proactive systems reducing flight delays

Star Navigation Highlights - Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Learn more about Star Navigations effects on aircraft carbon footprint

Star Navigation Highlights - Proactive MRO

Proactive MRO

Proactive monitoring for improvement of maintenance, repair and overhauls

Star Navigation Highlights - ISMS Technology

ISMS Technology

Learn more about Star Navigations revloutionary patented technologies


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