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Mar 2, 2015 - Safer Flying Through Better Technology: An Interview with Star Navigation's Jean-Louis Larmor

[Equities Canada - March 02, 2015] The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was a shocking moment for most of the world. The loss of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members was clearly a tremendous tragedy, but the idea that a fully-loaded Boeing 777 could simply vanish like flight 370 did was one that shook people everywhere. It was a stark reminder of just how vast the world can be. Conversations quickly turned to what airlines can do to prevent an occurrence like this from happening ever again.

Enter Canadian company Star Navigation (SNAVF) . Star Navigation systems designs and builds Flat Panel Displays for business, commercial, and military aircraft that provide pilots with a more detailed, comprehensive, and organized window into the functioning of their craft’s vital systems. It is also developing and now fielding systems that can continually record and transmit information real-time via satellite so that an aircraft’s location and health can always be tracked, regardless of its location.
Jean-Louis Larmor, Star Navigation’s Vice President of Corporate Development, talked with about his company’s important products and how they can make air travel safer.

Jan 1, 2015 - A Brighter Future for the Black Box

[Equities Canada - Jan 01, 2015] Toronto-based Star Navigation is aggressively marketing real-time tracking technology that could help avert future airline disasters.

In the vast depths of the southern Indian Ocean, amid ancient underwater volcanoes and deep trenches, search crews continue to scour the seabed for remnants of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared en route to Beijing in March 2014. The largest and most expensive search in aviation history has, so far, turned up nothing.

Unlike a black box, which simply records flight data, STAR-ISMS® transmits encrypted pre-analyzed information in real time via satellite to a ground monitoring station, where it is decrypted and stored. “We are a proactive black box,” says Kapadia, “instead of a reactive black box. You don’t even have to look for a black box.”

STAR-ISMS® has been tested and certified for air-worthiness by several national transport authorities, including the Federal Aviation Authority (F.A.A.) of the United States and Transport Canada.


Jul 14, 2014 - Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Shines Spotlight on Tracking Technology

[The New York Times (International) - July 14, 2014] Two hours after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, the Boeing 777 experienced a total loss of power, according to a recently released report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. The significance of this is not explained in the report because it is part of the Malaysian investigation, and Malaysian officials have declined to comment on it.

Even at the time of the Air France accident, sending flight data based on some triggering event was possible, said Viraf Kapadia, chief executive of Star Navigation, a flight monitoring service based in Toronto, who said he had suggested it to the crash investigators.

“Everyone talked about it,” he said, but then “suddenly everyone went to sleep, I.A.T.A. and I.C.A.O.” He added, “People were worried about cost.”


Jul 7, 2014 - Star Navigation Systems in talks with three targets - Interviewed by Mergermarket

[Mergermarket - July 7, 2014] Star Navigation Systems Group(CVE:SNA),a Toronto-based provider of in flight safety monitoring systems,is in ongoing discussions with three targets about a potential acquisition or joint venture, said CEO VirafKapadia.

The likelihood of Star Navigation making an acquisition in the next 12 months is very high,Kapadia said. In addition to its shortlist, Star Navigation looked at but did not pursue two other companies. The company still welcomes calls from bankers regarding prospective buys.

Attractive companies would be in the communications space and would be involved in health monitoring and tracking as well as air traffic control,Kapadia said,noting that Star Navigation is focused on targets in North America.

Acquisition targets would likely be in the CAD 15m-CAD 20m revenue range,he noted.Buys could be financed via share exchange, cash or convertible debentures, he added. Star Navigation, which has a market cap of CAD 22.24m, had cash and cash equivalents of CAD 405,000 as of the end of June 2013.

In February 2012, a  Mergermarket report identified Star Navigation as a possible partner for Guardian Mobility. Asked if Star Navigation could find Guardian Mobility to be an attractive target, Kapadia declined to comment.

Stephane Momy, Guardian Mobility COO, told this news service that there have been discussions in the past with Star Navigation and it could make sense to partner with Star Navigation moving forward.

Star Navigation is focused on the development and marketing of an in-flight monitoring system which allows for data from the aircraft to be transmitted to the groundi n real time.

For the year that ended 30 June 2013, the company had CAD 115,000 revenue and incurred a net loss of CAD 2.9m. It has an accumulated deficit of CAD 41.6m.

The company has used Collins Barrow as its auditor in the past.

Jun 16, 2014 - Star Navigation Offers Real Time Aircraft Tracking

[AINsafety - June16, 2014] The latest version of Star Navigation’s Star-ISMS flight safety monitoring system is designed to supplement an aircraft’s on-board digital flight data recorders through its ability to transmit real-time information to ground stations at user-defined intervals. The new system also provides after-landing reports, intelligent flighStar t data transmission and more detailed live flight data alerts to ground personnel through satellite communications.

One of the main features of the Star-ISMS is its built-in GPS tracking software, which enables more accurate tracking of an airplane to the last known latitude and longitude. Also, it can instantly provide an aircraft’s exact altitude, heading and airspeed. The essential avionics and diagnostic information collected is transmitted at operator-defined intervals or triggered events, via satellite, to ground-based installations in real time regardless of weather conditions.

Star’s onboard hardware and software will also independently analyze all selected incoming sensor and systems data and compare it with normal parameters and generate an alert automatically if necessary. In the event of multiple failures, an automated mayday feature begins an immediate data dump that sends as much information as bandwidth will allow.

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