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Feb 13, 2012 - Star Navigation Announces Special General Meeting of Shareholders

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:SNA) ("Star" or the "Company"), announced today that it has concluded that the shareholder requisition to call a special meeting of shareholders, announced January 24, 2012, is valid and that the meeting will be held April 6, 2012.

The stated purpose of the meeting is to consider, and if thought advisable, the removal of Mr. Dale F. Sparks as a director of the Company. The shareholders making the requisition have proposed that Mr. Pierre J. Jeanniot, O.C., C.Q., formerly President and CEO of Air Canada and Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the International Air Transport Association ("IATA"), be elected as a director to replace Mr. Sparks.

The Company remains committed to considering the views of its shareholders. Management will provide shareholders with more information by way of a Management Information Circular ("MIC") in advance of the meeting. Shareholders should read the MIC carefully before reaching a decision with regard to their votes.

Jan 30, 2012 - Star Navigation Announces Completion of DO-160E Testing

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:SNA) ("Star" or the "Company"), is very pleased to announce that final DO-160E testing on its STAR-ISMS® Generation 2 Unit ("G2") has now been completed.

RTCA-DO-160E qualification testing is an essential element of Supplemental Type Certificate ("STC") application, required for installation of the STAR-ISMS® on a commercial aircraft. The G2, built to Star's specifications, was designed and manufactured for Star by Luxell Technologies Inc., incorporates additional and upgraded features, is smaller and lighter than the original In-Flight Safety Monitoring System and can be offered at a lower price point.

The certification testing process in the aviation industry is very complex and rigorous. It is this milestone achievement that will shortly enable Star Navigation to fulfill existing sales requirements and move forward to procuring more sales. The first installation of the new G2 is expected to take place aboard a Midwest Airlines (Egypt), Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with STC approval expected in February. Star appreciates Midwest Airlines' patience as we have worked to finalize the new G2 product.

Viraf S. Kapadia, Star's founder and CEO stated: "Star, through its G2 unit, continues to refine and expand the already significant capabilities of the overall STAR-ISMS® System, help to improve safety in the air, and offer airline operators the chance to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies."

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