Situation Monitoring & Analysis in Real Time

ICG's NxtLink ICS-220A Flight Deck Communications System - Next Generation Communications, Global Satellite Voice, DATA LINK: ACARS, FANS1/A, CPDLC, ADS-C. Combined with the Star Navigation Systems Group LTD., STAR-A.D.S. System - Automated Engine and Aircraft System Trending, Health Monitoring, Flight following, Real Time Fuel Management, FOQA, MOQA, Exceedance Reporting, QAR and OOOI Messaging. Is S.M.A.R.T.


Voice & Data Link


The integrated ICG-Star system is designed to provide dedicated voice and data link services to the flight deck, while at the same time providing an additional satellite channel for real-time transfer of messages, flight data and airframe system status to an Airline's operations and maintenance facility. ICG's NxtLink ICS-220A Satellite Data Unit (SDU), operates over the Iridium® satellite constellation and provides seamless global connectivity for voice and data services, including the polar regions. It is a comprehensive system providing facility for both ATS and AOC communications in support of the following services:

  • ACARS over Iridium (AOI)
  • FANS over Iridium (FOI)
  • Long Range Communications (LRC) Voice
  • Cabin Crew Voice (Medlink Voice)
  • Health and System Status Monitoring
  • Flight Following
  • Emergency Voice

The NxtLink ICS-220A device is a small and light weight 2MCU LRU, designed to industry specifications and meeting the regulatory requirements as a Long Range Communications (LRC) system. The device is favored by the industry as an upgrade and replacement for an HF radio as well as an alternative replacement of the larger and more expensive Inmarsat satcom systems. The NxtLink ICS-220A is the smallest and least expensive global communications system available to the operator today. With the small passive antenna coupled with mounting options in the electronics bay or crown mounting for the LRU, installations are quick, simple and inexpensive. This combination makes the ICG's NxtLink Iridium® system the preferred choice for operators outfitting for emerging mandates such as the NAT FANS-1/A requirements for ATS LRC voice.

ICG NxtLink Series - Voice and Data Link

2 MCU Iridium® LRU Satellite Voice/Data (ARINC 761)
Audio Control Panel LRC Voice - Dual 4-wire Audio
Dedicated Data Link ACARS, FANS-1/A CPDLC, ADS-C Messaging via SBD Modem
ATS/AOC Directory Dialing from MCDU (ARINC 739a)
Cabin Crew Handset Voice Communications (Corded or Cordless)
CIM Module Configuration Identity Storage and SIM Cards
Dual Element Iridium® Antenna Passive Low Profile

External CIM Reader

The configuration Identity module (CIM) provide access for the SIM cards as well as storage of aircraft unique interoperability parameters and telephone dialing lists. The CIM eliminates the requirement to configure and reprogram an LRU upon replacement.

CIM Reader

Dual Element Antenna

This low profile dual element passive antenna is highly reliable and provides linear performance across the entire Iridium® Band 1616-1626 Mhz.

Dual Antenna

Health Monitoring


Benefits Include:

  1. Continuous and automatic tracking & monitoring of the aircraft from Power On to Power Off.
  2. Real-time on-board processing of data and transmission information. Information can also be downloaded for analysis via Star's ground station and/or seamlessly exporting the data to OEM or back office systems.
  3. Automatic retrieval and distribution of Flight Data from each flight in real-time for the airline's management purposes.
  4. Flight Data Analysis (FDA) function (FOQA & MOQA) with data analysis and automatic generation of flight operations reports sent directly to the airline management areas.
  5. Automated fault notification in real-time of monitored aircraft essential systems.
  6. Delivery of aircraft information direct to decision makers in real-time.
  7. The airline can customize real-time data capture for specific aircraft systems, procedures, and performance throughout the phases of flight according to their SOP (e.g. excessive speed, aircraft configurations, descent profile etc.).
  8. Supports ETOPS operations by providing regulatory monitoring capabilities (Engine Condition, Fuel and Oil consumption & APU operation & usage).
  9. Real-time visibility of aircraft, fleet status, and performance data.
  10. Real-time access to fuel utilization data facilitated through customizable filters such as fleet, tail number, pilot crew, routes, airports etc.
  11. Monitors, captures, and animate aircraft flight data for safety, training, budgeting, and Manpower planning purposes.
  12. Engine Condition Monitoring data feed to operators and in-house systems.
  13. ROI through operational costs savings (Fuel management, Pro-Active Maintenance activities, Safety & Training activities, Operational process automation) all leading to significant financial and resources savings for the airline operations.
  14. Seamless integration of FDA data into an airline SMS.

STAR-A.D.S. Health Monitoring

NMC Navigation Management Computer
FMC Flight Management Computer
IRS Air Data Inertial Reference System
FWC Flight Warning Computer
ADC Air Data Computer
FGS Flight Guidance System
FC Fuel Management Computer
FCC Flight Control Computer
CMC Centralized Maintenance Computer
DFADU Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit

Higher Autonomy/Data Management

  • All data and capabilities are "in house", no need for any costly investment for internal support infrastructure (Hardware, Software, resources).
  • No third party out-sourcing of analysis, Star provides a one-stop source through Star-A.D.S., No need for added resources or services providers. Star provides a single point of contact and services billing solution.
  • Automated generation of reports/ documentation (End of Flight, Aircraft Health, ETOPS,FOQA,MOQA, Safety, Aircraft operational profile, etc.) for simpler management.
  • Complete management tool & dashboards.

Aviation Mandates

Voice/ Data Link

Today's aviation industry is implementing data link mandates that ensure reliable global communication and 100% position awareness of aircraft. The replacement of antiquated HF systems with clear reliable Satcom is driven by increased safety and effective management of flight operations.

Real-Time Awareness

Increased safety and airline profitability is driven by accurate and proactive decision making. The main way to achieve this is by the use of real-time data for flight following, FOQA and MOQA. This ensures compliance with SOP's [Standard Operating Procedures], true aircraft position and situational awareness of all key aircraft systems.

Advanced Analytics

For advanced analytics you need data, people, intent and tools. You need consistent, secure high quality and real-time data. You need people with business acumen that are data driven to create processes that support analytical decision making. Lastly you need tools like the ICG Star system to complete the integration and make it a reality.

Case Studies

Star recently conducted a study on a sample of flight operation data for an all A320 fleet of a high intensity usage airline. With a total yearly estimated fuel budget of $530M USD, the Star-A.D.S. Fuel-Monitoring module pointed to a reasonable 2% savings of the total yearly fuel budget (estimated $10.6M USD per year).

As an example of the Star-A.D.S. Fuel Manager drill down capabilities on one specific KPI- Over-Fuelling. In a sample of flight operations data, it was discovered that all flights from the sample carried 200kg of extra fuel above and beyond all safety, regulatory, and company SOP required fuel amounts. Using the Star-A.D.S., fuel savings initiative function, targeting a 100kg reduction from the over-fueling, resulted in a savings of $1.7M USD per year from the fleet of 35 aircraft.

Example of process time savings - Average time for an mid-size passenger airline to acquire, validate, analyse, and present data from an aircraft -275 minutes. Using the Star-A.D.S., airline can reduce this time to 15 minutes.

Insurance Premium Reduction

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. in an exclusive partnership with International Insurance Brokers globally, will allow an airline using the Star-A.D.S. solution for their fleet of aircraft to have access to insurance premium credits.

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