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Proactive Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) is a key component of airline safety and operational efficiency. In recent years, MRO expense has grown into supporting a multibillion dollar industry measured currently at more than USD $40 billion globally.

MRO automation provides faster turnaround for maintenance and repair operations reducing both flight delays and operating cost which can result in a more positive air travel experience for travelers.

The global MRO industry is projected to grow to USD $61 billion annually, representing a growing expense category for commercial aviation, military and shipping industries in turn creating a growing opportunity for efficiency gains through automation.

MRO automation through Star Navigation's solutions helps to reduce this expense and create MRO efficiency gains in cost and time.


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Environmental Impacts

Globally the world's 16,000 commercial jet aircraft generate more than 600 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Efficiency in flight operations and fuel consumption can translate into real world benefits in terms of carbon foot print reduction and global benefits to the general public.

Reduction of carbon footprint is an important consideration to many consumers and can be a factor in decision-making when selecting an air carrier for both travel and shipping.

Environmental impacts provide consumers one more reason for preference and selection of an airline for travel. Star Navigation's products and solutions not only optimize fuel costs through better operational efficiencies but this cost reduction also translates into conscious positive environmental impacts.


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Air Travel Efficiency

Efficient equipment management through predictive maintenance provided by STAR-ISMS® can benefit your profitability through a variety of methods.

Our patented STAR-ISMS® technology is at the center of our solutions that provide efficiency gains to airline operations from back office benefits to operation of aircraft systems.

Our system's real-time air to ground data transmission capabilities ensure that changing conditions aboard an aircraft in-flight are communicated securely and swiftly to ground crew.

STAR-ISMS® products and solutions provide the capability to pro-actively perform equipment maintenance with predictive capabilities that can reduce Aircraft On Ground (AOG). Through this improved efficiency your passengers can benefit from increased on-time departures and reduced delays.

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