Our Technologies

Technologies are a driving factor

Through flexibility in design our technologies supports a variety of solutions for all segments, expanding our market size and capabilities. They support commercial and military aviation, search and rescue operations and naval applications.

Commercial and Military Aircraft: STAR-A.D.S.

World-wide real time tracking is embedded in our systems, for safer aircraft operations, and meeting today the recommendations of ICAO, IATA, NTSB for the future of Aircraft Tracking and Safety.

Return on Investment through more efficient and continuously monitored operations and systems.

Higher immediate situational awareness on aircraft flight, status and health as well as immediate data analysis.

Medical Evacuation Vehicles

Applied to Emergency Medical Services vehicles and environment and MEDEVAC platforms, STAR-A.D.S. will ensure real time transmission of critical bio data for a quicker and safer dispatch and support to patients.


Patented Transmission Capabilities

Development of advanced technology with practical applications to benefit the transportation industry is at the center of our business.

Our methods are patented, ensuring that we can continue to deliver break-through products and solutions to the marketplace. We continuously, invest in the new focused technology and processes developing answers to our industry needs, while comforting our IP.

Patent Proprietary Technology

Star Navigation has the exclusive world-wide license to the STAR-ISMS® technology which is currently patented in:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Future Expansion Capabilities

Through flexibility in our technology and a continuous stream of innovation concepts and ideas we are positioning our technologies to continue to grow with an ever changing aerospace and transportation industry.

Mass Transit

Our technologies support tracking, fuel efficiencies and equipment monitoring when applied to mass transit systems which in turn can provide significant benefits in cost reductions and operation quality.

Military Land and Sea

Current standards provide fleet tracking capabilities for a variety of military vehicles through secure channels with future potential for on board monitoring of critical systems.

STAR Man Machine Interface

Star Navigation owns technologies and processes to develop, qualify, manufacture, field and support Ruggedized Flat Panel Displays for customized applications in Air, Sea and Land domains.

Our highly skilled team has an established track record in high performance displays for harsh environment bringing the end users advanced interface for their modernization programs.

Star Navigation covers the entire spectrum of activities for LCD displays, or other related technologies, from early designs to logistics support.

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