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In Conversation: Amir Bhatti, CEO Star Navigation Systems Group

Amir Bhatti is Chief Executive Officer at Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd., a Canadian-based technology firm that focuses on providing aerospace solutions (hardware and software) for aircraft operators. Star’s solution provides real-time tracking, with performance trends and predictive incident occurrences. Essentially aircraft telemetry in a box.

As airlines emerge from the pandemic, with slimmed-down fleets and keenly watching cash flow, Star’s multifaceted system provides a solution worthy of consideration. The reporting from this system allows for online dashboard access, plus the ability to share appropriate data with risk partners like insurers and lessors. The system even offers carbon emissions guidance. It is a novel offering.

Please tell us about your company – how it got started and how we got to where it is today

Star Navigation is a publicly-traded company headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. The company was formed with the goal of leveraging state-of-the-art software for meaningful insights from aircraft flight data. Throughout the various cycles impacting the aviation industry, Star Navigation has managed to navigate through the various market challenges. Most recently, we took critical steps including changes in the Board of Directors and senior management to reposition the company. We are focusing on brand awareness, increasing awareness of the value of data analytics, supporting cost reductions for operators, and offering opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

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