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STAR Navigation Systems solutions can be installed easily now while considerable aircraft fleet are grounded due to coronavirus pandemic. Our systems provide full service operational needs for all types of aircraft. Our technology allows airlines to monitor, record and transmit interactively on a real time basis 24/7, 365 days, through our STAR ADS® SSU G3 model equipment using Iridium and GSM network for Airline ground services with user friendly GUI dashboard facilities. Star’s customer care and support services are available throughout our worldwide specialist network in all the major continents/regions. Should you have any further enquiries or interest in investment, please complete the form below and our Investment Relation department will be in touch with you.

Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS)

Star Navigation facilitates GADSS’s Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) that airlines and aircraft operators utilize for aircraft / fleet tracking in normal conditions as well as in distress.

  • Mandatory ICAO Regulation – Star Solution Meets and Exceeds ICAO Annex 6, Part 1 GADSS compliance
  • Aircraft in Distress – Stream essential DFDR Data in Real Time – ‘Autonomous distress flight tracking’
  • Stay connected, stay informed – handle Irregular Operations (IROPS) with Star Navigation solutions
  • Post flight localization, recovery and analysis