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Most Recent Engine Related Incidents

The past few weeks for airline industry have proven we can still benefit enormously from flight safety
improvements. If we look back a few weeks on the engine related incidents, things clearly went wrong. Incidents
are bound to happen, but the use of technology may assist in finding the root causes both post-incident
(reactively) and as part of a predictive approach to prevent incidences.
With the use of a cost-effective SATCOM system transmitting critical parameters in real time, we can contribute to
saving lives. Operators must understand the necessity of utilizing available technologies to overcome events.
Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) has become significantly important in the past few years; the importance has
grown from more stringent regulatory requirements and the benefits to the operator. Engine Trend monitoring is
used to assess the health of the engine, and the time it should be on-wing which leads to better predictive
maintenance. Once the health of the engine is known, a suitable maintenance action can be taken to ensure
minimal to no operational interruption.

How can Star Navigation assist airlines?

With Star ADS we can proactively detect trends, conditions leading to failures and provide diagnostics in real time.
Star ADS management dashboard displays real time tracking, system alerts, exceedances, and other flight
parameters with complete insights of aircraft health to make critical and timely decisions before failures occur.
Star ADS can do the forensic analysis of flight data as the plane is flying. Ask us how?

We compare the flight parameters in real time as the aircraft fly to determine the deviations between the engines
themselves and also ANY flight parameter scaling up or down from their normal operating thresholds. Engine
Condition Monitoring data can be sent directly from the aircraft to the ground via satellite and automatically
integrated into the ECM database for the engine trend analysis.
The technical benefits of this automated approach are accuracy with speed. Early and timely recognition of
deviations in data and trends, maintenance checks can be planned and performed before malfunctions occur. In
addition, the information collected can be used to avoid expensive damage and unplanned engine replacements.
Data analytics plays a vital role in maintaining an aircraft. Accurate and reliable data leads to correct decisions.
Aircraft maintenance requires data to be accurately captured in real time, and with minimal tolerance for missing
Flight parameters like TLA – Throttle Lever Angle, Fuel Flow, Exhaust Gas Temperatures, Engine RPM, Vibration, Oil
Temperature, Oil Pressure, and Nacelle Temperature can be compared in real time to detect any deviations and sent
to ground personnel using SATCOM systems to proactively schedule maintenance checks before incidents or
accidents happen.

Please visit us at www.star-navigation.com for further details or reach out to sales@star-navigation.com

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