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New Technology & Carbon Footprints

The global aviation sector needs to get on a sustainable flightpath now, because the climate crisis is not going away. With aviation emissions left unaddressed, we can expect major storm clouds ahead.
However, with bold action, it is possible to create a greener, more sustainable aviation industry that supports the effort to address the climate crisis. The agreement at ICAO demonstrates that aviation is determined to live up to its commitments and play its part in meeting international goals for emissions reduction, by encouraging the integration of fuel-efficient technologies into aircraft design and development.

In 2020, there is a big drop in passengers due to COVID-19 global crisis and the impact of these passengers is more. And believed that the COVID-19 may not go away completely for the next 18-24 months.

Technically, the Aviation industry is polluting less now overall because the number of flights is reduced, and fewer people are traveling but the single traveler is polluting more than before, in this case.

CO2 is the problem and STAR-A.D.S.® has the solution to make flying sustainable. The STAR-A.D.S.® Fuel Optimization leverages invaluable flight data and powerful analytics to create value through insights to help increase fuel efficiency, optimize fuel consumption, reduce waste, and reduce carbon footprint for Environmental Sustainability; it can lead to over 2% fuel saving (estimated) over the entire equipped fleet.

  • Precise measurement of fuel burns – gate to gate.
  • Prepare trends on aircraft systems to detect changes in fuel consumption.
  • Measure contributory factors towards increasing carbon footprints.
  • Manage Carbon credits with precision.
  • Reduction in Carbon emissions equals greener environment.
  • Automated digital end of flight reports – Go paperless – Go green!

All the Best……Stay Safe Stay Healthy!

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