In Flight Safety Monitoring System

Star Navigation's In-flight Safety Monitoring System (Star-ISMS®) is an on-board real-time monitoring and data analysis system that provides a "virtual window into an aircraft". It is a cost-effective air to ground communication system that automatically and securely transmits flight data and incident alerts.

STAR-ISMS® continuously monitors selected avionics systems on the aircraft from power-on to power-off, instantly analyzes the data, and transmits selected data and any incident alerts, via satellite to the operator.

The STAR-ISMS® system provides an operator's ground personnel the ability to monitor trends, predict possible failures, schedule repairs, and assists in taking preventive action as required.

It acts as an early warning system, detecting the earliest signs of potential problems. More importantly, it performs these functions in "real-time" providing essential safety monitoring to the benefit of passengers, aircraft personnel, and ground crew.

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Improving Efficiency

Advanced technology addressing various needs in aircraft efficiency:

  • OOOI Automation
  • Predictive maintenance through monitoring of aircraft systems
  • Real-time aircraft localization
  • Virtual window into the aircraft
  • Improved fuel utilization
  • Operational cost efficiency
  • Reduce AOG and flight delays
  • FOQA/MOQA/ETOPS support

Industry Applications

The various industries STAR-ISMS® can support:

  • Commercial Airlines
  • Military Aviation
  • Helicopters
  • Business Aircraft
  • Assist Search And Rescue by providing last transmitted location
  • OEM Manufacturer
  • Future applications: Land vehicles

Reducing Aircraft Time on Ground

With STAR-ISMS®, aircraft operators benefit from proactive equipment trending.

Accurate and predictive monitoring assists in the efficient maintenance of aircraft and provides the opportunity to predict component failures and react accordingly.

Passenger Safety and Travel Experiences

STAR-ISMS® monitoring capabilities provide peace of mind knowing that you are flying with a system that performs real-time tracking of aircraft location even in remote areas or over oceans.

Efficient monitoring of critical system and equipment, coupled with trending, contributes to the reduction of flight delays and ensures more on-time departures.

Technical Highlights

The proprietary patented technology of STAR-ISMS® monitors an aircraft's systems data from power on to power off.

Based on specific customer requirements, aircraft information can be streamed to the ground station continuously or transmitted at regular intervals, providing a virtual window into the aircraft. Reporting is customized to meet any unique requirements.

  • Real-Time Flight Data Transmission
  • Online Remote Aircraft Monitoring
  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • Customized Threshold Parameters
  • Customized Reporting By Department
  • Reports to be delivered within minutes of landing
  • Transmits up to 3000+ Parameters per Minute*
  • Universal Access via Internet (anytime)
  • Stand-Alone System or 24/7 Star Monitoring
  • Modular Architecture System
  • FAA and Transport Canada Certified

*Depending on available bandwidth*

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