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The Star-MMI Difference

The STAR-MMI division of Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. was founded with the mission to design, develop and manufacture state of the art flat panel displays technologies.

STAR-MMI has developed a wide range of AMLCD flat panel display sizes, with LED Backlights, resolutions and orientations to meet a variety of demanding engineering and environmental challenges.

STAR-MMI has supplied display and man-machine interface products to many of the largest Aerospace and Defense firms in the world.

Our high performance displays for aerospace, defence and commercial applications include:

Tactical displays Radar warning devices
Navigational displays Maintenance, Mission & Instrumentation Systems
Field communication systems Tactical portable computer display units


Ruggedization Process & Capabilities

Customized and Ruggedized displays have numerous important applications in defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, automotive and other industries. The terms 'ruggedized', 'advanced', 'customized' and 'militarized' displays often mean the same thing.

Customized display solutions offer:

Sun Readability High Brightness
Wide Temperature Range Operation Increased Color Gamut
Controlled Viewing Angle High Reliability and Extended Life
Special Bezel Functions High Contrast
NVIS Compatibility Improved EMI shielding
Advanced Brightness Dimming Control and Range Specific Video Signal Interface
BIT (Built In Testing) and Controls Custom, Illuminated, NVIS Compatible Keypad Design
Environmental Ruggedization Enhanced Optical Performance

Depending on the application, different levels of customization and/or ruggedization and appropriate technical solutions can be applied to new designs or adapted COTS AMLCD panels.

The process, in either case, usually involves consideration of the following engineering solution factors:

Mechanical Design Electrical / Hardware Design
Software (Firmware) Design Optical Design

Core Technologies

  • AMLCD display selection capabilities
  • Glass layers bonding process
  • Clean room display assembling capabilites
  • Customized electrical and electronic design capabilites
  • Customized mechanical design capabilites
  • Advanced Display testing and measurements capabilites (dark room, and ESS procedures)

Certifications and Quality Standards

STAR-MMI is certified to CAR 561 and AS 9100 REV C quality standards.

While product excellence is ensured through established quality control programs, continuous improvement programs are also used to monitor and maintain performance, ensure timely delivery, cost effective pricing and consistent responsiveness to customer needs.

STAR-MMI offers complete life cycle management, from product definition and requirements, through engineering and qualification, test engineering, manufacturing and logistics.

The displays depicted are examples of our capabilities and are MIL-SPEC qualified to operate reliably in challenging environments.

STAR-MMI products are qualified to the following military and commercial standards:

  • Environmental: MIL-STD-810 and/ or DO-160
  • Optical/ NVIS: MIL-L-85762A or MIL-STD-3009
  • EMC: MIL-STD-461
  • Software: DO-178 and DO-254

Over the years, STAR-MMI products have established a large global footprint among "Fortune 100" aerospace companies.

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