Real-Time Telemedicine for Emergency Medical Evacuation by Air Transportation

The “Real-Time Telemedicine for Emergency Medical Evacuation by Air Transportation” study is the first research project for Star Navigation under the authority of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the MEDTEQ Consortium and is the first application, of the STAR-ISMS® system to the domain of Emergency Medical Support for transportation.

We see the application of this real time Bio- medical data transfer technology, for Air and Ground Ambulance, as well as for Military evacuation and Commercial aircraft applications, to better and more rapidly protect patients and travellers.

Mr. Viraf Kapadia, CEO of Star Navigation

The STAR-ISMS® System in Medevac will effectively apply to:

  • Current and planned air-ambulance services
  • Military and emergency relief situations
  • Civil security infrastructure
  • Medical assistance sometimes needed on-board long-haul commercial flights
  • Ground ambulance systems

The services being developed will include:

  • Real-time display of critical bio information
  • Video and high resolution pictures, key to monitoring the patients’ status and condition
  • Two-way voice and data communications
  • Real time medical alerts with critical parameters
  • Continuous and precise aircraft tracking (including altitude) that already comes embedded with the STAR solution System

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