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The STAR-A.D.S. is a real-time autonomous aircraft normal Ops and Distress tracking system, compliant with upcoming 2023 Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) requirements. STAR ADS system is a 4-dimensional position tracking system with timestamps, distress alerting and flight following.

Scope of GADSS

One of the many reasons why aviation maintains a high level of safety is the willingness and commitment to learn critical lessons from rare events. The tragedies of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Air France Flight 447 have highlighted shortcomings in the current air navigation systems and also the on-board avionics systems which have clearly troubled timely identification and localization of aircraft in distress, effective search and rescue efforts, and recovery operations.

The Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) arose as a solution to enhance safety of aircraft and passengers, especially during abnormal operations of aircraft (i.e., identification of distress conditions). The GADSS requirements are outlined in ICAO Annex 6 Part I and EUROCAE ED-237.

The effectiveness of the current alerting of search and rescue services can be enhanced by addressing several key improvement areas and by implementing GADSS requirements, which can address all phases of flight under entire flight envelop including all distress situations. GADSS will maintain an up‐to‐date record of the aircraft progress and in case of a crash, forced landing or ditching – the location of survivors, the aircraft, and recoverable flight data.

STAR A.D.S is GADSS Compliant
  • Normal aircraft tracking – 15 min interval in normal operations
    • Parameters include Heading, Speed, Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, Timestamp
  • Automatic and Autonomous Detection of Distress Conditions
    • Unusual attitude of aircraft – pitch, roll and yaw
    • Unusual speeds (forward and vertical)
    • Close proximity with terrain (EGPWS warnings)
    • Total loss of thrust/propulsion on all engines
  • Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT) – 15 minute interval reduces to 1 min interval automatic
    • Transmission starts within 5 seconds of the distress event detection
  • Timely streaming of DFDR Data by STAR A.D.S.
    • From the time of distress conditions detected, Star A.D.S starts streaming forward and backward DFDR data.
    • The system provides DFDR data from the time of distress condition occurrence till the aircraft and alternate power supply both run out of power.
    • Mandatory DFDR parameters to be recorded are also listed in ICAO Annex 6 Part I, and depend on the date of the individual certificate of airworthiness of each aircraft.
STAR A.D.S. Capabilities

STAR A.D.S. obtains a multitude of significant flight data from aircraft including positioning, Alerts and Notifications, and transmits them directly to air operators as well as third parties such as RCC and ATSU, as required.

  • Meets and exceeds ICAO Annex 6 Part I and EUROCAE ED-237 recommendations
  • Normal aircraft tracking
    • Customizable list of parameters
  • Automatic and Autonomous Distress Tracking
    • Customizable list of parameters
  • Timestamps with Normal Tracking and Aircraft Distress Tracking (ADT)
  • DFDR Data transmission/Streaming (Forward and Backward both)
  • Alert concerned authorities and interested parties

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The STAR A.D.S. GADSS (shown) incorporates independent navigation and communication system, and an autonomous uninterrupted power supply (UPS) operated in case of total loss of aircraft power. STAR ADS is a stand-alone system on the aircraft, providing a live virtual window into the aircraft.

  • Aircraft Flight Data Collection Real-time data acquisition, analysis and transmission from an airborne aircraft to the operator on the ground
  • Transmit Alerts & Exceedances Transmits aircraft warnings, cautions and other alerts from an airborne aircraft using Iridium satellites
  • Automatic Flight Data Retrieval Automatically transmits pertinent DFDR flight data through Cellular GSM for FOQA, ECM Trend Analysis, Fuel Management analysis

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