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Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. has entered into a client services agreement (CSA) with Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. to assist with increasing market outreach and investor awareness as the company continues to grow its investor base.

Since retaining Stockhouse’s services in December, 2021, the company has launched a full-service marketing campaign to provide investors with an aggregated view of Star’s news releases, editorial coverage and interviews with company executives. Through Star’s agreement with Stockhouse, the company now has access to over 30 different marketing tools focused on editorial, brand awareness and amplifying news. Using these tools and the Stockhouse program, a larger investor audience will be aware of Star’s investment opportunity.

“The CSA between Star and Stockhouse will enhance Star’s efforts to get our messages and news out to the global market in a timely fashion,” said Amir Bhatti, chief executive officer of Star. “Stockhouse has a great reputation in Canada, and, with its relationship with The Market Herald, Star’s story can be shared with a global audience. This is very important to Star as we have a global customer target base.”


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Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS)

Star Navigation facilitates GADSS’s Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) that airlines and aircraft operators utilize for aircraft / fleet tracking in normal conditions as well as in distress.

  • Mandatory ICAO Regulation – Star Solution Meets and Exceeds ICAO Annex 6, Part 1 GADSS compliance
  • Aircraft in Distress – Stream essential DFDR Data in Real Time – ‘Autonomous distress flight tracking’
  • Stay connected, stay informed – handle Irregular Operations (IROPS) with Star Navigation solutions
  • Post flight localization, recovery and analysis