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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the worst financial crisis in the history of the airline industry. But when the health crisis is over, airlines’ financial problems will probably continue for years.

On an overall scale the pandemic has caused widespread economic pain, with millions losing their jobs and burning through savings that they might otherwise have used for discretionary spending like vacations.

It is unclear when the COVID-19 will be brought under control as the airlines are dealing with picking up pieces from the economy that has been damaged.

Establishing travel bubbles for general travelers and replacing the 14-day quarantine with COVID-19 testing would be positive steps that will help the recovery of the aviation sector. And Singapore, the “little red dot” does not wait a year or two for vaccine to become widely available, they took the initiative carefully reopen its border at the same time as catalyst to push reopen the sky wider in the region. This is a good sign for hope and bright opportunity for Star Navigation Systems.

Today, STAR-ADS® Systems is a strong candidate to become the world leading aircraft tracking system as it meets and exceeds the ICAO Annex 6 Part 1 GADSS mandatory compliance for automated distress & safety systems by January 2023; Star Navigation should go extra mile be brave, be bold and quick to market STAR-ADS Systems. While many airlines having difficulties as they gradually expand their flight operations; with solid business strategy playing at the right “note”, Star Navigation may have the chance to advance dominate the market share.

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