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Star Navigation $SNA Takes Flight With Multiple Million $$ Orders From Airlines For In-Flight Safety Monitoring

To understand Star Navigation $SNA you first have to understand the problem they are solving.

At any given time 200-300 planes can be off the grid when flying and no one knows where they are. In an era in which GPS can easily track dogs, trains and automobiles, it’s hard to imagine that airplane tracking systems are not the strongest of all.

The Malaysian Air Flight 370 and Air France 447 disasters showed the world the weakness in plane monitoring systems … and the strong need for a real solution.

Enter star navigation systems

$SNA is a Flight Sciences Company that bridges the gap between flight experience and flight safety in real-time. In layman terms, that means the Company’s technology provides a continuous connection between planes and the ground … and the result is more than just tracking:

  • Real-Time Aircraft Health and Engine Condition Monitoring
  • Fuel Management System
  • Fleet Management … and more

The commercialization stage begins with multiple sales & LOI’S

The Company’s flagship product is the STAR Airborne Data Service (STAR-ADS) which is powered by the patented STAR In-Flight Safety Monitoring System (STAR-ISMS) … and after years of industry leading R&D $SNA is starting to rapidly


Astral is a licensed cargo airline flying in Africa for 22 years. The sales agreement is for seven units its Cargo fleet, with an option of a further 3 aircraft within the next 12 months. The total value of the contract is USD1.2M over the 5-year term for the 7 aircraft .. and this is what

Mr. Mike Mutahi, Chief Operating Officer of Astral Aviation had to say:

“Integrating our flight operations with the Star system will provide Astral operations new dimensions in optimizing our efforts in sustainable growth. From flight safety to engineering and maintenance to flight operations and dispatch, the Star system has the ability to provide deep and meaningful business intelligence through flight data analytics.”

In addition to this big win $SNA has also announced:

  • Conditional $2.9M Purchase Order from Swiss Aviation Group AG
    • consists of nine (9) Star A.D.S ® units, to be delivered to 4 different airlines.
    • Estimated value of the purchase order is $2.9 million over five years.
  •  LOI with Fly540 for the STAR-ISMS®
    • In-Flight Safety Monitoring System for 3 aircraft in Kenya
    • East Africa’s premier low-cost airline within Kenya / Zanzibar in Tanzania.
  • LOI With Pinnacle Air for the Purchase of the STAR-ISMS Of In-Flight Safety Monitoring Systems for 5 Charter Jets in India

Star Navigation Systems is starting to take flight so sit back and watch this powerful AGORACOM Exclusive with Star Navigation Systems CEO Amir Bhatti !!

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