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I highly recommend Star Navigation Systems for the innovative technology of their SSU G3 retrofit in our fleet recently in acquiring flight data, processing, and real time transmitting same to our ground services including any alerts experiences. The SSU G3 features, amongst other things, an additional GSM transmission capability for its reporting and raw data transmission functions. It is now fully compatible with the latest avionics standards and is available for on-board implementation across all currently flying aircraft and helicopter fleets worldwide. We would recommend Star Navigation Systems to other operators considering a major avionics upgrade and enhancement to their Efficiency & Profitability and Safety.


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The board of directors have passed a resolution today, to appoint Nasir Azam as the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Star Navigation Systems Ltd. The board would like to congratulate Mr. Azam on his new executive role. Mr. Azam bring years of aviation industry experience, business development skills and his collaborative mindset to help…

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