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Star Navigation Systems Group – Amir Bhatti and CEO Andrew Lucas, CEO

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Star Navigation (CSE:SNA) signs agreement with FlightPath International

  • Star Navigation Systems Group (SNA) has signed a partnership agreement with FlightPath International SA Ltd.
  • Star Navigation Systems CEO Amir Bhatti and FlightPath International President & CEO Andrew Lucas sat down with Dave Jackson to discuss the agreement
  • FlightPath International is a training and operational support services provider for the commercial airline industry
  • FlightPath International can now train airline operators, including pilots, engineers and other flight crew members on Star’s flight sciences services and technologies
  • Star will receive a 15 percent commission from all training revenue generated
  • The initial term of the agreement is five years with an option for a five year extension
  • Star Navigation Systems Group is unchanged on the day, trading at $0.035 per share at 2:00 p.m. EST

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