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Live tracking of aircraft is vital for many reasons, but most importantly for safety. Safety being the most important aspect of aviation, live tracking gives us the ability to see aircraft’s exact position, altitude, heading, speed, bank angle, angel of attack and more. This allows us to make sure the aircraft is safe and on a correct planned path.

With the introduction of GADSS being enforced in Jan 2023 the time for live tracking is now. GADSS has many requirements that aircraft must have reporting every 15 minutes and when in distress every minute automatically and autonomously. GADSS is a result of Air France AF447 and Malaysian Airlines MH370. There are many systems in place but live tracking via satellite communication is truly the only live tracking that there is. With many dead zones using the ADS-B system over VHF, the time to switch to satellite is now.

STAR-A.D.S system is a solution for your GADSS mandated requirement provided by Star Navigation, a flight sciences company. Not only a GADSS solution but much more with fuel optimization, carbon calculations for fuel burn (carbon credits), and more. Your one stop shop for aircraft monitoring and tracking.
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